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EP 86 | Michael Phillips “Wrong Lanes Have Right Turns”

September 9, 2021
 Michael Phillips is the Senior Pastor of Kingdom Life Church, a non- denominational congregation in Baltimore, Maryland. Under  Phillips’ stewardship Kingdom Life has grown into a thriving faith community brimming with passion for social justice. Dedicated to revitalizing urban decay in West Baltimore and beyond, KLC touches lives through more than 50 outreach ministries. From stocking food pantries to mentoring small business owners their mission is simply this: Helping People to Live a Better Life! 
Michael is the author of “Wrong Lanes Have Right Turns”
Michael’s story showcases the absolute necessity of advocacy, resources, and opportunities, for young, underprivileged students. After losing a parent, getting in a life-threatening car accident and having his college scholarship revoked, Michael turned to selling drugs to make ends meet. After his house was raided and he was arrested, a judge gave him the opportunity to go to college rather than complete his 30-year sentence in prison if found guilty. Michael unhesitatingly chose to go to college, which completely turned his life around. He discovered that education was the path to becoming who he was created to be. The school-to-prison pipeline had been broken for him - expanding his opportunities and interrupting tragedy. 
You can find Michael Phillips at the following locations:
Instagram @mikephillipsofficial


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