Pandanomics Podcast

Episode 72 | Paige Hathaway (Ft. Jason Moritz Sebastian) “Staying True To You and Laser Focus”

May 26, 2021

Today we have a special surprise, my friends Paige Hathaway and Jason Sebastian. If you are a fitness fanatic or looking for a mindset shift in health and well being, you are in for a fun chat! 


About Paige: 

Bikini Athlete, Fitness Model, Personal Trainer. From growing up in Minnesota to becoming an online sensation, Paige Hathaway has gone from being a small town girl to a fitness icon. Her passion for fitness has led her to compete and become a personal trainer, inspiring others to reach their own ambitions.

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Instagram: @Paigehathaway

Youtube: Paige Hathaway

Twitter: @Paigehathaway



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