Pandanomics Podcast

Episode #75 | FuntCase “The eSports & Music Industries Collide”

June 16, 2021

Today we welcome the world famous Dubstep & drum and bass producer/gamer Funtcase! We discuss everything under the sun when it comes to the current and future state of the music industry and how important social media and recently eSports has become for rising musicians. Make sure to listen through the end if you are someone that is curious to get some insight in the music world or just a die hard fan for the industry, this is definitely a valuable listen for everyone.


"FuntCase produces sensory overload bass music that wobbles, womps and machine

guns through your body, making you dance whether you want to

or not.”


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Social Media Handles? Twitter: @FuntCaseUK

Instagram: @funtcaseuk



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